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Womens Bible Study

 Leader: Wendy Seelhoff
School Building

Meeting Day(s): Sunday
Meeting Time: 6:15 PM

St Paul’s Ladies Bible Study


Great Women of the Bible

We are beginning our series with a powerpoint study of the first women in history: Eve


Good  Habits for Bible Study for Average  Joe Shmo



·      Dictionary and thesaurus

·      Reliable commentaries

·      Pastor available

·      Recall old Grammar rules similes/pronouns/ linking verbs/ poetry

·      Read background information

·      Gateway….compare versions

·      Do memory work

·      Know where to find books in the Bible

·      Highlighter… find your way around/ sub titles

·      Study with others of like fellowship

·      Get the overall picture/ complete context

·      Know if Law or Gospel is being spoken

·      Know the difference between Sanctification and Justification

·      Know the difference between prescription and description

·      Substitute your name for 1st person pronouns/ personal

·      Know which supplimentary books only “contain God’s Word”

·      Regularly/ many ways

·      Follow  the chains

·      Remember what a paradox is

·      Know what pronouns refer to

·      Don’t use your emotion to explain scripture

·      Keep a journal

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